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Cool Dog Collars in Australia

Funky and Cool Dog Collars

If you are like me, you go far away and above the common requirements for your pup. Our dogs and cats give us the maximum love and companionship that we could ever request for, so what's a little safety and security in return. These cool dog collars add a little extra security for your pup just in case they get lost. Have a glance at these five cool and funky collars.

Martingale Dog Collar

Regardless of the fact that these martingale collars are fantastic for every greyhound or whippet, they look great on any dog breeds. These hand-made greyhound collars are pretty sturdy. While they could be more suited to breeds like sighthounds, they look fantastic on little pooches too. The hardware is made of brass.

The Personalised Nylon Pet Collar (Australia)

This tailored made embroidered dog collar may look simple, but it is light and useful. You can get your puppy's name and your telephone number applied on it. Not only does this quickly let people know your pup's name, yet it also gets rid of the requirement for an I.D. Tag. If you own a tail-wagger that likes to get messy this might be a better choice compared to something made from leather or cottony textiles.

The Custom Hunting Collar

If you treasure hunting with your pup, this collar is for you. The rabbit hound's dog collar is available in bright colours that are very easy to spot. It also includes a personalized tag that won't make any noise. It is also scent free. This model is also a great choice if you like to explore the Australian outdoors.

Glow in the Dark Collar (Funky Lights)

This is the perfect custom collar for the enthusiastic canine owner. This dog collar light pendant will help keep both you and your canine safe when walking at morning hours or after sundown. This collar is waterproof, and can be customised by having your pup's information engraved onto a stainless steal tag or onto the dog collar's plastic material. Not only is the LED pet collar perfect when you walk your dog, if your pooch gets loose the collar makes it easy to find during the night. This brand offers a large variety on these trendy dog collars. For more details, visit their site.

Embroidered Safety Collar by Outdoor Pets

These shiny collars will help your canine catch the eye in any scenario. You can select from 7 different colors, three sizes, and you can even customize the name color. You can incorporate your pooch's name and mobile number onto the collar's fabric.

Smart Collar Tag

If you do not intend to replace your dog collar, the personalised dog tag is the most ideal option for you. These stainless steel pet ID tags are tough and long lasting and fantastic for dogs. You can choose from many different colours and materials. They include three lines of details on each face, ideal for fido's name, mobile number, and house address.

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