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Finding a Great Harness and Lead


Things To Look For In A Dog Harness And Lead

(For Greyhound Owners)

There are many types of dog leashes and pet harnesses available in Australia. These pet supplies for Greyhounds are designed for the convenience and comfort for the owners and their dogs. Some Greyhound owners complain that their dogs are always pulling, tugging and trying to walk faster on the lead, and this can eventually hurt your hound. So for these type of the anxious dogs, a shock-absorbing leash is the best option for keeping them secure and safe, and without hurting both the owner and the dog.

What makes these shock-absorbing leashes different from a standard Greyhound leash is the design (made in Australia). These leashes are often shorter, but have a springy and shock-absorbing feature that allows dogs to move without injuring them. It also reminds your dog that it is intended to keep them at close proximity. It would remind them to constantly be at their owner’s heels and not tug and pull to walk ahead. In short, this type of leash provides more resistance without the shock and injury for both owner and dog. These types of shock-absorbing pet supplies are usually recommended for large breeds. In the case of Greyhounds and Whippets, a Martingale or Greyhound collar (Australia) is recommended.

Advantages of Shock-Absorbing Dog Leashes and Harnesses available in Australia

1.       Easy to Attach and Detach

Even with the resistance these leash provides, it allows added flexibility for the dogs and the owner. It is also easier to attach and detach the short leash and the extension. When taking your Greyhounds on longer walks, the one meter extension would allow them more freedom and space to roam around. However, it would come with control and helps remind them again to be back at their owner’s side. It is usually recommended to start with the short leash and later attach the extension. We live on a rural area in South Australia, so having a harness and lead help us to have better control over our Greyhounds when they spot wildlife.

2.       Water and Weather Resistant

Make sure that the leash and harness are designed to be durable and strong so it would not easily wear out. It will not constrict when wet and not dry out when exposed to the sun. These article about types of dog harnesses and martingale collars for Greyhounds (Deleted - Update Coming Soon) is really useful. Unfortunately many of the featured brands are not available in Australia at the moment.

3.       Shock-Absorbing

These collars, harnesses and leads are designed with shock-absorbing materials. This means that it lessens the amount of tension and stress around your dog’s neck and shoulders and prevent injuries. The shock-absorbing feature would also allow you to move around without feeling the stress around your arms and hands. Some Martingale collars (for Greyhounds) also feature this type of technology.

4.       Soft but Firm Handles

The handles are designed to provide comfort to the dog owners while holding on to their dogs' lead. The handles are usually called ‘pyramid pull handles’. Unlike other dog leashes, this makes it easier for dog owners to hold on to. These kind of handles are usually seen in water ski handles or ends of tension cords used for working out. This is perfect for Greyhound owners since this is a breed that is prone to pulling on the lead. This leash is designed for gripping safely and securely without having to have one of your hands wrapped around the lead. This prevents wrist injuries and they are recommended by RSPCA Australia.

5.       Tangle-Free Leash (Australia)

The cord of these leads are thick so it won’t bind or knot together. These leads come with an extension that it is designed to swivel on the clip to 360 degrees and prevent dog owners get tangled in it. The leashes also come in different colors and even has a trim with reflectors, which is perfect for night walks with your Greyhound. You can find these pet supplies on eBay and Amazon Australia.