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The Best Harness and Lead Choices for Greyhounds

How to Choose the Perfect Dog Harness and Lead for Your Greyhound In Australia, there is a wide variety of dog leads and pet harnesses available that are specifically designed for Greyhounds and Whippets. These pet supplies aim to provide comfort and convenience for both owners and their dogs. However, some Greyhound owners may face issues with their dogs constantly pulling, tugging, and attempting to walk at a faster pace on the leash. Over time, this can be harmful to the dog. To alleviate this, owners of anxious dogs may opt for a shock-absorbing lead / harness combination, which ensures the safety and security of both the owner and their dog. Greyhound Harness (Australia 2023) The design of this Greyhound harness is tailored specifically to accommodate the unique body structure of Greyhounds, Whippets, and other Sighthound breeds, which typically have deep or pronounced chests. To ensure the utmost comfort, a high-quality Greyhound harness must cater to three crucial points

Cut & Trim Your Greyhound's Nails Safely

Cut & Trim Your Greyhound's Nails Safely Proper nail trimming is an essential aspect of maintaining your greyhound's overall health and well-being. Neglecting your greyhound's nails can have a direct and negative impact on their quality of life. In this guide, we provide comprehensive instructions on how to effectively and safely trim your greyhound's nails, as well as recommend valuable resources for additional support and information. One of the primary reasons why Australian greyhound owners avoid trimming their dog's nails is the fear of causing pain by accidentally cutting the quick. Additionally, some hounds may resist the process, leading to negative associations with nail trimming and creating anxiety and tension around the event. As a result, nail cutting can become a dreaded experience for both dogs and their owners. However, it's important to note that nail trimming is crucial for the health and well-being of most dogs, especially for those

Green Dog Collar: Australia's Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Dog Collar

Green Dog Collar: Australia's Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Pet Collar Eco-conscious and fashionable. An Australian made green dog collar for the eco-savvy pet owner. Upgrade your dog's style with Dogaloo's eco-friendly green pet collar . Crafted from natural, breathable, and odor-resistant organic hemp material. This eco-collar is both durable and soft to the touch. Easy to put on with a side-release metal buckle, and equipped with a heavy-duty D-ring for attaching a lead. Dogaloo Australia green dog collar is sustainable, eco-friendly and vegan. Don't forget to measure your dog's neck circumference for the perfect fit, and adjust as needed. Check Green Dog Collar Price Delivered via Australia Post Pros: • Organic Hemp - Ethically farmed and biodegradable. • Hypoallergenic - All-natural and chemical-free. • Durable - Strong yet soft natural hemp webbing. • Antimicrobial - Prevents odor and bacteria. Cons: • Just wish the buckle was made

Dog Fence Dome Bubble Window

Dog Fence Dome Bubble Window The Pet Peek Window was specifically designed to satisfy your dog's curiosity while alleviating the need to bark and claw under the door or fence. This Australian dog fence window makes it possible for them to have a sneak peek and reduce their FOMO! The pet fence window (or dog bubble for fence) fits any dog muzzle nicely. It is perfect for any backyard door or fence. The dog porthole can also be used on portable dog houses, kennels and more! Pros: • Less Barking - It will stop excessive barking since your pet will be able to see what he hears or smells. • Durable - The dog fence window is made from a hard acrylic material. • Easy to Install - Comes with all the hardware needed for a smooth installation (nuts, bolts, and trim ring) • Versatile - Great for any vinyl, metal, drywall or wooden fence / door. Cons: • Electric tools needed for installation Check Dog Fence Window Price Available in Amazon Australia

How Do GPS Pet Trackers Work - Tested in Australia

How Do GPS Pet Trackers Work (Australia-wide Coverage) As a dog owner, it's not uncommon that you may want to let your pooch roam free from the leash during certain activities. Even if your dog is well trained, there's always the possibility that she might get lost or stray away. Especially if your dog is a hunting dog, the possibility of loosing track of where she is can be fatal in some situations. Luckily, modern technology allows us to keep track of our best friend through the usage of GPS tracking. But, how do GPS dog trackers work? 💡 If you are considering getting your animal a pet tracker, or already have given your pet one, you may have many questions about how a tracker works. This article will tell you everything you need to know. The Difference Between Trackers (GPS vs Radio Location) Before we look at how GPS pet trackers work, it's important that we understand the difference between GPS trackers and radio frequency animal trackers. The GPS tracker

Glow In The Dark Dog Collar (Australia) + 3 Light Modes

Glow In The Dark Dog Collar (3 Light Modes / AU Company) Keeping your pet safe should be your top priority, and that is not an easy job. There are a lot of pet products on the market that are designed to help dog owners safeguard their four-legged friends. The glow in the dark dog collar , like this one from Tech Tails Australia, will help you to keep an eye on your pup after dark. Video Recap: The glowing dog collar is an amazing, safe way to make sure your pup is seen after dark. A lot of pooch owners use them when they walk their dog early in the morning or during the night. Keeping your pup visible helps keep him safe, and it keeps you protected as well. I've been using the Tech Tails LED dog collar for the last few weeks, and it is a very well made collar. It's certainly useful especially if your pup is outside a lot at night. My dogs doesn't typically hang around outdoors after dark on their own. I live in a small rural area, meaning possums, racco

Whippet and Greyhound Collars (Australia) + FREE Coupon

Whippet and Greyhound Collars in Australia If you are looking for a Whippet or Greyhound collar, look no further! We believe you will love this one! Collars are an important part of any dog owner's equipment. However, they’re especially essential if you own a Sighthound dog, such as a Greyhound or a Whippet. The heads of greyhounds and whippets can be the width of their necks or smaller. Regular collars can easily slip over their heads. Thankfully, there are many types of Sighthound collars available to rectify this problem: Greyhound collars , Whippet collars and the Martingale collar . All are sold in different shapes and sizes. So, which one should you buy? We believe we have the answer! Australian Dog Trainer Recommendation: "In my five years of experience as an expert force-free dog trainer, I have found that the Dogaloo Martingale is the best greyhound collar that you can buy in Australia" - Saki Brown 10% OFF (LIMITED TIME)