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Glow In The Dark Dog Collar (Made in Australia)

Glow In The Dark Dog Collar Keeping your pet safe should be your top priority, and that is not an easy job. There are a lot of pet products on the market that are designed to help dog owners safeguard their four-legged friends. The glow in the dark dog collar, like this one from Tech Tails Australia, will help you to keep an eye on your pup after dark.
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The glowing dog collar is an amazing, safe way to make sure your pup is seen after dark. A lot of pooch owners use them when they walk their dog early in the morning or during the night. Keeping your pup visible helps keep him safe, and it keeps you protected as well. I've been using the Tech Tails LED glowing pet collar for the last few weeks, and it is a very well made collar. It's certainly useful especially if your pup is outside a lot at night. My dogs doesn't typically hang around outdoors after dark on their own. I live in a small rural area, meaning possums, raccoons, and other animals are common place…

Whippet Collars and Greyhound Collars (Australia 2018)

Greyhound and Whippet Collars If you are looking for a Whippet or Greyhound collar look no further! We believe you will love this one!
Collars are an important part of the equipment needed for any kind of dog. However, they’re especially important if you own a Sighthound dog, such as a Greyhound or a Whippet. This is because Greyhound and Whippet heads are the same width as their neck, or even smaller in some cases. A regular collar would slip over their heads. However, there are many types of Sighthound collars available to rectify this problem. There are Greyhound collars, Whippet collars and the Martingale collar. All are sold in different shapes and sizes. So, which one you should buy? We believe we have the answer!

This is the perfect collar for any Sighthound!
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If you happen to own a Greyhound, there are specific types of collars designed for your breed. Greyhounds are graceful and powerful dogs. They are also one of the oldest and fastest breeds. …

Waterproof Dog Collar Light Pendant (Australia)

Waterproof Dog Collar Light Pendant Keeping your dog safe should be one of your top priorities, and it’s not an easy task. There are a lot of pet products on the internet that are designed to aid dog owners protect their pups. The waterproof dog collar light pendant, like this one from Ebay, will allow you to keep an eye on your dog after dark. These flashing LED lights for dog collars are an amazing, safe way to make sure your pup is seen after dark. A lot of pooch owners use them when they walk their dog early in the morning or late at night. Keeping your pup visible keeps him safe, and gives you peace of mind.

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I've been using this waterproof dog collar and flashing dog light pendant combo for the last few weeks, and it is a very well made product. It's definitely handy especially if your dog is outdoors a lot after dark. My dogs doesn't typically spend time outdoors after dark by themselves. However, we live in …

Adoption Tips - How to Adopt a Dog

Have you adopted a new dog? If yes, congratulations! Your day-to-day life is just about to change with more drama and exercises. Bringing a furry little friend home will be an amazing and a one-of-a-kind experience. However, the process can be a daunting one too, especially if you are a novice pet owner.Before you decide on adopting a dog (or any pet), you should be aware of effective training methods. From positive reinforcement strategies to clicker training, be familiar with a good training routine. Also, do some homework on nutrition and dog car. Read more

Martingale Dog Collars - Training and Safety

How To Use A Martingale Collar For Training
The Martingale collar was designed for sighthounds with heads that are smaller than their necks. These style of collars softly tighten against the dog's neck if they pull or spin around. It is typically used by whippets, greyhounds, and energetic canines.

A martingale is generally made out of durable nylon that forms a circle like most collars but also has a small loop on the back that is created by a different section of the same material. The bigger loop of the collar fits around the dog's neck and the small one loop sits at the back of the neck and has a D-ring which connects to the lead or harness. When relaxed, the martingale fits loosely and keeps your dog relaxed. But, when the dog tries to pull, the larger loop secures the collar around the dog's neck for a smooth no slip effect (without chocking).

Martingales perform much the same method as a choke chain collar but without the chocking effect. It uses a soft material or…

Three Secrets About Greyhounds

Three Secrets About Greyhounds It is always a good idea to keep pets at home. They keep you company. They also keep you from getting lonely. Studies even say that keeping pets keeps us from depression. If you love dogs, then consider getting a canine companion. Dogs are lovable and wonderful creatures. They always seem happy when they are around their owners. They are also great for having around to play. Their boundless energy is contagious and loyalty is palpable.

Finding the right dog sometimes can be challenging. People would choose their dog based on their personality. Some like their dog to be serious, others like their dog energetic. Other people choose their dogs based on shape, color and size. Others prefer to keep dogs for shows and exhibitions. These people base their selection on breed.

If you are the type of person who is both laid back and sociable, the greyhound is the perfect choice. Greyhounds are semblances of couch potato and outdoor dog.

Greyhounds are medium …

Finding a Great Harness and Lead

Things To Look For In A Harness And Lead There are many types of dog leashes available on the market for your canine friend. These dog leashes are designed for the convenience and comfort for the owners and their dogs. Often our dogs are always pulling and tugging and trying to walk faster and the restraints can eventually hurt them. So for these type of the dogs, a shock-absorbing leash is created for the purpose of keeping them close by without hurting both the owner and the dog.

What makes these leashes different from standard dog leash is the design. These leashes are often shorter, but have a springy and shock-absorbing feature that allows dogs to move without injuring them. It also reminds your dog that it is intended to keep them at close proximity. It would remind them to constantly be at their owner’s heels and not tug and pull to walk ahead. In short, this type of leash provides more resistance without the shock and injury for both owner and dog. It also helps to stop a do…