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Whippet and Greyhound Collars (Australia 2022) - Best Rated


Whippet and Greyhound Collars (Australia 2022)

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Collars are an important part of the equipment needed for any kind of dog. However, they’re especially important if you own a Sighthound dog, such as a Greyhound or a Whippet. This is because Greyhound and Whippet heads are the same width as their neck, or even smaller in some cases. A regular collar would slip over their heads. However, there are many types of Sighthound collars available to rectify this problem. There are Greyhound collars, Whippet collars and the Martingale collar. All are sold in different shapes and sizes. So, which one you should buy? We believe we have the answer!

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Sight Hound Collar Sizing Guide:
 Size   Recommended For 
 Small        Italian Greyhounds, Small Whippets, Puppy 
 Medium        Large Whippets, Greyhounds, Australian Shepherd 
 Large        Bloodhounds, German Shepherd and Large Breeds 

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If you happen to own a Greyhound, there are specific types of collars designed for your breed. Greyhounds are graceful and powerful dogs. They are also one of the oldest and fastest breeds. Greyhounds are distinguished by their long and slender necks that are usually bigger than their heads. This is why they require special types of collars when putting them on a leash. These collars are specifically designed for their build. Whether it’s for Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Greyhounds or any other Sighthound, there are collars made especially for these breeds. We’ll go over next the two different types of Greyhound collars that you can find in Australia.


Types of Sighthound Collars

Table of Contents:

The Martingale Collar (Greyhound Collars)

The most common type of dog collar for Greyhounds is the Martingale collar. The Martingale can be used on a daily basis and it is perfect for almost all Sighthound breeds. As Greyhounds are usually active dogs, these types of collars would fit their needs perfectly because the design of the Martingale is wide throughout unlike the Whippet or Lurcher collar, thus making it more comfortable for the dog to wear. The Martingale loosely slips over the Greyhound’s head and tightens when it tries to pull itself out of the collar. Martingale collars are also great as training tools because they allow more flexibility for your hound. Most pet shops in Australia carry this type of collar and it’s also pretty easy to find them online.


Collars For Whippets and Small Hounds

These Sighthound collars are rarer and are also known as Lurchers. Most of the time, these are used by smaller Sighthound breeds like Italian Greyhounds and Whippets. These breeds usually have larger necks and narrower heads than other Greyhound breeds. That is why these dog collars are designed for smaller Sighthounds and can be used for races and other sports. These collars come in a variety of widths and sizes. However, their major function is to prevent your dog from getting loose. That is why the Lurcher collar is designed to be wider overall and narrower at the ends. These Sighthound collars are designed to not strain or suffocate while the hound is running. It is made to fit around their neck and will not cut off blood flow. Whippet collars are typically wide in the front and narrowed at the ends where it meets the buckles and usually made out of leather. These collars tend to be difficult to find. Still, many Whippet owners are attracted to this type of collar because of its elegant design. However, these are not ideal for everyday use when walking your Whippet or Sighthound on a leash.

FAQs / Most Asked Questions on Google AU

This will save you some time from having to go back to Google to get an answer to all your questions!

Credit: Greyhound Dog Breed @ dailypaws

For Greyhound Owners:

What is the best collar for a Greyhound?
According to RSPCA Australia, the Martingale dog collar is the best and most commonly used collar for Greyhounds and other Sight Hound breeds in AU. The collar slips over the hound's head, and only tightens when your dog pulls on the lead or tries to back out of its collar. Your pet will be unable to back out of it, that is why it's considered the safest collar for a Greyhound.
Why are Greyhound collars different?
Greyhound pet collars are different because hound breeds have necks wider than their heads. This means that a regular narrow collar can easily slip over your greyhound's head if they pull on the lead. A wider shape collar like the Martingale solves this issue. This type of collar is also recommended for Italian Greyhounds, Whippets and other Sighthound breeds.
How tight should a Greyhound collar be?
The positioning of your hound's collar is very important. The collar should be placed behind the ears, at the thinnest part of your hound's neck. It should be tight enough to get two or three fingers between the martingale pet collar and its neck.
Are Martingale Collars cruel?
According to RSPCA Australia, Martingale collars are not cruel and can be used safely on Whippets and Greyhounds. This is because with the Martingale, you can set the limit to which the collar can close when your hound pulls, so that it will never cause pain or harm to your pet.
How to fit a martingale collar to your Greyhound?
Place the martingale over your dogs' head so that it's wide enough to slide over gently. Adjust it on the side until it is tight around hound's entire neck area. Once you have that tight, pull it with the leash and make sure that the two d-rings on both sides do not touch. Once you have it adjusted and you need to take it back off, all you need to do is adjust it so that it's wide again to gently slide it back over their head.
Can you use a harness on a Greyhound?
Yes, you can also use a harness on a Greyhound. However, Greyhounds are larger dogs so the harness needs adequate support and padding to help your pet's neck and spine. You also want to make sure you outfit your Greyhound with the appropriate harness size. This can be tricky, that's why many greyhound and whippet owners opt for a martingale pet collar.


For Whippet and Italian Greyhound Owners:

$4 Australia Wide Shipping and 10%OFF with Promo Code: "MARTINGALE10"