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Light-up and Reflective Collars

Light Up Collars and Leads

Everyone knows that walking your pet during the dark hours can be a frightening experience. Every year more than ten thousand pedestrians are struck by vehicles in Australia. That is one person every thirty minutes. This glow in the dark collar and lead was created increase visibility and allow drivers to see pedestrians and pooches. These types of collars already exist, but many manufacturers didn't seem to think about what Australian pet owners wanted. Most light up collars on the web are low quality and not well built. This company from South Australia decided to ask people what they liked or disliked about glowing collars and discovered there was a big opportunity to create a company around the recommendations from conscious Australian dog owners.

Dog owners wanted a funky design with super bright LED lights and a convenient ON/OFF switch. Most owners already owned expensive dog collars so most opted for a light up device that could be attached to their existing collars. So a dog light pendant clip with an LED flashing system was created to aid Aussie pet owners. This new invention can be attached to any pet harness, lead, regular collars and Martingales (Greyhound collars). I bought mine on Ebay Australia around a year ago and is still working fine.

This convenient clip on led light is great for taking your four-legged friend for a night walk. There are three flashing modes, constant glow, fast flash, and slow flash, that are easily changeable. You just simply press the light and it changes between the settings. It is made of a nice water proof rubber type material so you don't need to stress about getting it wet. It comes with a battery watch-type which is convenient since batteries can be quite pricey depending on the type. When the time comes to replace the battery you simply detach the plastic case and take out the LED light component, replace the battery, and assemble it back together. You can find these batteries at any local electronics stores in Australia. There are no complicated clamps, clips or screws to remove making the replacement fast and simple. The only thing I would like to mention is that the light is not great for super small sized pups since it is a bit on the bigger side. I would definitely recommend this collar light to any dog owner. If you live in South Australia, I take my two Greyhounds to the North Adelaide Dog Park. We are always there at night time, so you are welcome to come and check them out.