Glow In The Dark Dog Collar - Australian Brand with 3 LED Glowing Modes

Glow up your dog's nightlife with a glowing LED collar! It's the ultimate accessory for those early bird walks or night owl adventures. Keep your furball visible, and add a touch of glow to your evening escapades.

glow in the dark dog collar

Keeping your pet safe should be your top priority, and that is not an easy job. There are a lot of pet products on the market that are designed to help dog owners safeguard their four-legged friends. The glow in the dark dog collar, like this one from Tech Tails Australia, will help you to keep an eye on your pup after dark.

Video Recap:

The glowing dog collar is an amazing, safe way to make sure your pup is seen after dark. A lot of pooch owners use them when they walk their dog early in the morning or during the night. Keeping your pup visible helps keep him safe, and it keeps you protected as well. I've been using the Tech Tails LED dog collar for the last few weeks, and it is a very well made collar. It's certainly useful especially if your pup is outside a lot at night. My dogs doesn't typically hang around outdoors after dark on their own. I live in a small rural area, meaning possums, raccoons, and other animals are common place around our house. Usually these critters don't come around in the daylight, but we take extra precautions with our dogs at night.

glow in the dark pet collar with LED

As soon as you open the package, you will quickly notice the high quality of the glow pet collar. The nylon material mesh that covers the LED light is durable, and the collar itself is well made with durable reflective stitching. If you follow my blog, you know that I have a preference for metal hardware. Nevertheless, the buckle is made with heavy duty plastic, and that's quite common with most glow in the dark pet collars on the internet today. From the image above, you'll see how simple it is to use this product. There is a handy button right next to the buckle. Push it once, and the collar will flash slow. Push it a second time for fast flashing mode, and a third push leaves the LED light on a steady glow.

It's not an expensive collar, the benefit of the glowing dog collar is well worth it if your hound is often outside at night. This glow collar for dogs is also available in 3 sizes to fit dogs with a neck circumference of 20cm to 65cm. It is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable with a USB cable that is included when you purchase the collar.

You can do a quick charge in 1 hour or a complete charge in about three hours. There's a charging indicator light that will turn from red to green when the collar is fully charged. If you use the collar continuously, it will last for nearly ten hours. I know this to be true, because I left the light up collar in glowing mode on my table one day while I was working to see how long the rechargeable battery would last on a full charge. Tech Tails claims that you can get up to thirty days of charge out of the rechargeable battery if you only use it occasionally. We've been using this product for five weeks now without recharging it. Usually we use it for ten to twenty minutes every day.

LED glowing collar for pet
Regular price is AU$ 26, but you can get an extra

Summary of the Australian LED Dog Collar

The Tech Tails rechargeable glow dog collar is water resistant, but not completely submersible. Tech Tails also sells matching LED leashes, which would really up the protection factor if you have to walk your dog at night. You can see their full range of products on their website.

Advantages of the Glow In The Dark Dog Collar:

  • Vivid LED light keeps your pet visible in the dark.
  • Well made with high quality nylon and long lasting reflective stitching.
  • Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Offers a minimum of ten hours of continuous use and more than 30 days of standby use.
  • Three LED flashing modes: slow flash, fast flash and constant on (continuous glowing mode).
  • Water resistant.

flat coated retriever wearing led dog collar
Luke wearing his new LED dog collar that I bought at

Things To Improve:

Buckle is plastic, not metal, but this is typically with most of the other dog collars as well.

Now it is your turn to test Tech Tails Australia glow in the dark dog collar. What did you think about it? You can leave your testimonial in the comment section below or share pics and videos of your dog wearing this collar on our Facebook page. Whether your experience was as positive as mine or you discovered flaws with this product, I would love to hear about your experience, and other Australian dog owners will benefit from it too!