How to Choose the Perfect Dog Harness and Lead for Your Greyhound


In Australia, there is a wide variety of dog leads and pet harnesses available that are specifically designed for Greyhounds and Whippets. These pet supplies aim to provide comfort and convenience for both owners and their dogs. However, some Greyhound owners may face issues with their dogs constantly pulling, tugging, and attempting to walk at a faster pace on the leash. Over time, this can be harmful to the dog. To alleviate this, owners of anxious dogs may opt for a shock-absorbing lead / harness combination, which ensures the safety and security of both the owner and their dog.


Greyhound Harness (Australia 2023)

The design of this Greyhound harness is tailored specifically to accommodate the unique body structure of Greyhounds, Whippets, and other Sighthound breeds, which typically have deep or pronounced chests. To ensure the utmost comfort, a high-quality Greyhound harness must cater to three crucial points that align with your dog's walking style.


The Australian harness is designed to accommodate all types of Greyhound body types and is also appropriate for large Whippets and Sighthounds. The use of a soft yet durable material in this harness helps to shield your Greyhound's skin, preventing any irritation.


Friends of the Hound Harness - Pros: Rescue Group Support

In addition to its primary functions, the Greyhound harness boasts a double strap that enhances safety and security, effectively preventing your Greyhound from slipping away. Moreover, the adjustable straps make it effortless to fit the harness to any Greyhound, allowing for unhindered mobility. The backside of the harness is designed in an H shape, ensuring a snug fit and keeping the harness in place.


Galguau Harnesses - Pros: Handcrafted / Cons: Extended delivery time

There is a wide selection of fabrics and colors available for you to choose from that best suit your pet's style. In addition, to minimize any discomfort, all of the Nylon stitching has been appropriately concealed. This is great for hounds with extremely sensitive skin. Feel free to email this Australian brand with any specific measurements you would like them to consider. An expert from their team will promptly get in touch with you to answer all of your questions and provide any assistance you may need.


The Benefits of Combining a Shock-Absorbing Dog Lead and Harness

These shock-absorbing leashes (designed in Australia) distinguish themselves from a standard Greyhound lead through their unique features. Although often shorter in length, these leashes possess a springy and shock-absorbing element that enables dogs to move without the risk of injury. Furthermore, this design encourages greyhounds to remain in close proximity to their owners and discourage tugging and pulling behaviors. Ultimately, these leads offer more resistance without causing harm to both owner and dog. Typically, these types of shock-absorbing pet supplies are recommended for larger breeds. For Greyhounds and Whippets, it is advisable to use a Martingale or Greyhound collar (Australia).

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These martingale collars, are built with materials that absorb shock, reducing the amount of strain and pressure on your dog's neck and shoulders and preventing injuries. Additionally, the shock-absorbing feature can provide greater comfort for you, allowing you to move around without feeling tension in your arms and hands. The Dogaloo martingale collars, which are recommended for Greyhounds, utilize this type of technology.

SparklyPets Greyhound/Whippet Lead - Pros: Comfort and Handle

Despite the added resistance offered by these leashes, they still provide flexibility for both the dogs and their owners. Attaching and detaching the short leash and extension is also a straightforward process. During longer walks, the one-meter extension provides Greyhounds with more space and freedom to roam, while still maintaining control and encouraging them to stay close to their owners. It is generally recommended to begin with the short leash and then attach the extension as needed. Living in a rural area of South Australia, having a harness and lead provides greater control over our Greyhounds when they come across wildlife. I have seen many good options on Ebay and Amazon AU.

The "pyramid pull handles" on this dog leash are designed with the comfort of dog owners in mind. Unlike other leashes, they are easier to grip and hold onto, resembling water ski handles or tension cord ends used in workouts. This design is especially beneficial for Greyhound owners, as this breed is known to pull on the lead. The pyramid handles allow for a safe and secure grip without having to wrap a hand around the lead, reducing the risk of wrist injuries. In fact, these handles come highly recommended by RSPCA Australia.


DazyDog (Amazon Australia) Pros: Weather and Chew Resistant

This pet leash is extremely sturdy and durable, ensuring long-lasting use. It is crafted from 100% waterproof materials, ensuring that it won't shrink or weaken when wet or dry out when exposed to the sun. In my experience as a dog trainer, a greyhound harness can also be effectively made from this material. However, it may be challenging to find this harnesses in Australia currently. You can try checking out Petbarn or PETstock in your local area.