Three Secrets About Greyhounds

Let me start by saying that Greyhounds are an amazing companion. I could say that they are the perfect dog breed. They keep you fit (mines love to be chased) and are great with children. Studies done in Australia even say that owning dogs improve the health and are mood-boosting. If you love dogs, then consider getting a Greyhound or Whippet. These hounds are lovable and wonderful creatures. They always seem happy when they are around their owners. Greyhounds are also great for having around to play. Their boundless energy is contagious and their loyalty is incomparable.

Finding the right dog sometimes can be challenging. People would choose their dog based on their personality type. Some like their dog to be calm and quite, others like their dog energetic and playful. Other people choose their dogs based on shape, color and size. But at the end, any Greyhound is perfect.

If you are the type of person who is both laid back and sociable, the Greyhound is the perfect choice. Greyhounds are semblances of couch potato and outdoor dog.

Greyhounds are medium sized breed dogs. They were originally bred for hunting fast preys. Because of their great speed, they are also bred for racing (specially in South Australia). Greyhounds and Whippets are characterized by their lean and slender elegant figures. Greyhounds are also noted for their small heads and large thin neck. This is why Australian Greyhound collars are required for this breed.

What makes a Greyhound a perfect pet choice?

You can expect the best of both worlds with a Greyhound. They love to run and play, but they also love to sleep (specially besides you). Here are a few reasons why it is a good idea to adopt a Greyhound.


1. They are well mannered and gentle
Greyhounds are known to be playful. At the same time, these dogs have wonderful manners at home. They can be easily trained and are usually laid back and affectionate. This makes them a perfect family pet.

2. Greyhounds love to sleep
If you’re a heavy sleeper, you won’t experience issues with Greyhounds. They just love to sleep. Because of this, they are not restless so they won’t mess up your home. Usually when a dog gets bored, they would look for things to chew and create damage. Greyhounds, on the other hand, will just sleep it through.

3. Greyhounds are sociable
Greyhounds are well-mannered as they are sociable. Even if they sleep a lot, they wouldn’t mind taking walks as well. Greyhounds require less training, taking them out for walks is actually good enough. Here in South Australia, we have many rescue groups that can help you find that perfect companion.

4. Greyhounds are low maintenance
Greyhounds have thin, sleek fur. Because of this, they do not require a lot of grooming. This is perfect for people who are allergic to dog fur. Just give your Greyhound a weekly grooming and bath, and they’re all set.

5. Greyhounds are affectionate
Dogs are naturally loving to their owners who show them the same courtesy. This is no different from a Greyhound. Just give them the care and love that they need, and you’ll have a canine best friend for life.


Where To Adopt a Greyhound in Australia

Choosing a dog would always depend on a person’s preference. If you are the type of person who agrees with this list of reasons, then a Greyhound is the perfect pet for you! There are many shelters and Greyhound rescue groups all around Australia. I recommend to check on Facebook groups and visit your local shelter.