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Waterproof Dog Collar Light Pendant (Australia 2019)

Waterproof Dog Collar Light Pendant

Keeping your dog safe should be one of your top priorities, and it’s not an easy task. There are a lot of pet products on the internet that are designed to aid dog owners protect their pups. The waterproof dog collar light pendant, like this one from Ebay, will allow you to keep an eye on your dog after dark. These flashing LED lights for dog collars are an amazing, safe way to make sure your pup is seen after dark. A lot of pooch owners use them when they walk their dog early in the morning or late at night. Keeping your pup visible keeps him safe, and gives you peace of mind.



I've been using this waterproof dog collar and flashing dog light pendant combo for the last few weeks, and it is a very well made product. It's definitely handy especially if your dog is outdoors a lot after dark. My dogs doesn't typically spend time outdoors after dark by themselves. However, we live in a very rural Australian region, meaning possums, raccoons, and other wild animals are common place around our house. Usually these animals don't come around in the daytime, but we take extra precautions with our pets at night.


As soon as I opened the package, I instantly notice the premium quality of this waterproof collar and light up dog light pendant. The waterproof material that covers the nylon mesh of the collar is flexible and super durable. If you watch my reviews regularly, you know that I prefer metal hardware. Nevertheless, the buckle of the collar is made of a strong plastic, and the waterproof LED dog light pendant clip is made of metal. There is a convenient button right in the middle of the waterproof dog light pendant. Press it once, and the glow in the dark dog light will flash quickly. Push it a second time for slow flashing mode, and a third push leaves the dog collar light on a constant glow.

Every waterproof collar and collar light pendant combo is the same price, AU$ 19.95 on Ebay (ships only within Australia). It's not an expensive collar, the convenience of the waterproof material and waterproof LED dog light is really worth it if your dog loves the beach and the outdoors. The reflective waterproof collar is also available in three sizes to fit pooches with a neck circumference of 20cm to 65cm. These dog lights for at night (Australia/Ebay) work with a watch battery that is included when you purchase the waterproof glow in the dark dog pendant and collar set.

The LED dog light pendant battery will last for almost 50 hours. I know this is accurate, since I accidentally left on during a whole weekend and it was still flashing when we got home. I have been using this collar and light up dog light pendant set for almost three months now and works like a charm. Usually we use it for 20-35 minutes every day.

Recap of Waterproof Dog Collar Light Pendant

  • Intense and colorful flashing LED dog lights keep your dog visible in the dark.
  • The collar is very well made with high quality 100% waterproof material and metal hardware.
  • The light up dog light pendant has a +50 hour battery life. Easy and affordable to replace.
  • Three flashing modes.(fast flash, slow flash and constant rainbow glow.

  • Buckle is plastic, not metal, but this is typically with most of the other pooch collars as well.

Now it is your turn to test the glow in the dark pet collar and the dog light pendant and waterproof collar set. What did you think about them? You can write down your own review in the comment section below or share photos of your pet wearing this flashing light for dog collars on our Facebook page. Whether your experience was as positive as mine or you discovered flaws with this collar and waterproof dog light, I would like to hear about your experience, and other dog owners will gain from it too! Protection Status