Dog Fence Dome Bubble Window

Say hello to the Pet Peek Porthole – your pup's ultimate peekaboo adventure! No more barking or fence acrobatics, just tail-wagging FOMO-fighting fun!


The Pet Peek Window was specifically designed to satisfy your dog's curiosity while alleviating the need to bark and claw under the door or fence. This Australian dog fence window makes it possible for them to have a sneak peek and reduce their FOMO!

The pet fence window (or dog bubble for fence) fits any dog muzzle nicely. It is perfect for any backyard door or fence. The dog porthole can also be used on portable dog houses, kennels and more!

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• Less Barking - It will stop excessive barking since your pet will be able to see what he hears or smells.

• Durable - The dog fence window is made from a hard acrylic material.

• Easy to Install - Comes with all the hardware needed for a smooth installation (nuts, bolts, and trim ring)

• Versatile - Great for any vinyl, metal, drywall or wooden fence / door.


• Electric tools needed for installation