Green Dog Collar: Australia's Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Pet Collar

Eco-conscious and fashionable. An Australian made green dog collar for the eco-savvy pet owner.


Upgrade your dog's style with Dogaloo's eco-friendly green pet collar. Crafted from natural, breathable, and odor-resistant organic hemp material. This eco-collar is both durable and soft to the touch. Easy to put on with a side-release metal buckle, and equipped with a heavy-duty D-ring for attaching a lead. Dogaloo Australia green dog collar is sustainable, eco-friendly and vegan. Don't forget to measure your dog's neck circumference for the perfect fit, and adjust as needed.

Delivered via Australia Post


• Organic Hemp - Ethically farmed and biodegradable.

• Hypoallergenic - All-natural and chemical-free.

• Durable - Strong yet soft natural hemp webbing.

• Antimicrobial - Prevents odor and bacteria.


• Just wish the buckle was made from recycled plastic bottles.

What does a green dog collar mean?

In Australia, color-coded dog collars and leashes can serve as a way for dog owners to communicate their pet's needs to others. These colours can indicate if a dog is friendly, in training, or has special needs. For example, a red collar may indicate that the dog should not be approached, while a green collar may indicate that the dog is friendly. It's important to note that even if a dog is wearing a green collar, it is still important to ask the owner before interacting with the pet. Additionally, investing in a color-coded collar or leash for your own pet can facilitate better interactions with others and provide your dog with the necessary support.


  • Green Dog Collar - This dog is friendly and approachable, it is safe to interact with it.
  • Red Collar - This dog may be aggressive or dangerous, it is best to avoid approaching it.
  • Orange Collar - This dog may not get along with other dogs, so it is best to keep a distance if you encounter one.
  • Yellow Collar - This dog may be unpredictable and nervous, it might be best to avoid approaching it.
  • Blue Collar - This dog is a service animal and should not be disturbed while working or training.
  • White Collar - This dog may have difficulty with hearing or vision, so it is important to approach with care and take necessary precautions.
  • Purple Collar - This dog should not be fed any food, please follow the owner's instructions.